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2019 Data Science for Common Good Fellows

  • Thomas Aurigemma

    Thomas is a master’s student in computer science at UMass Amherst, and is working on the MA Department of Public Health project. Prior to joining UMass, Thomas worked for MassMutual as a cloud engineering intern, and for a small startup, Ninkatek, as a technical intern. Thomas holds a BS in computer science and mathematics from UMass Amherst. 

  • Wonho Bae

    Wonho is master’s student in computer science. His research interest is in computer vision, especially object detection, in fully, semi, and weakly supervised manner. He has worked as a research assistant in several academic institutions including University of California, Berkeley and Seoul National University. He holds a BA from University of California, Berkeley.

  • Pracheta Boddavaram Amaranath

    Pracheta is currently pursuing her master's degree in computer science at UMass Amherst. She works on the MA Department of Public Health project in building a community-needs score for chronic diseases. Having an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, she previously worked for Cisco Systems as a systems engineer in software defined networking. 

  • William Goss

    William is currently pursuing his master's degree in computer science at UMass Amherst, after graduating with a bachelor's in computer science from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. After graduation, he worked as a research assistant in the SAREC lab at DePaul (now at Notre Dame), focusing on software traceability research. His current interests have shifted towards ML/AI, and the Data Science for Common Good program is a great opportunity to apply newly learned knowledge while also creating a meaningful impact on the surrounding community.

  • Praful Johari

    Praful is a computer science master's student at UMass Amherst. He did his bachelor's from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in India, and he has worked at Amazon and Samsung previously

  • Arjun Karuvally

    Arjun is a MS/PhD student at UMass Amherst working with Professor Eliot Moss on creating and improving system architecture using machine learning. Before coming to UMass, Arjun did his undergraduate program in computer science and engineering from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India where he worked with Dr. E Sivasankar on Recommender systems.

  • Vaishnavi Kommaraju

    Vaishnavi is a graduate student in computer science at UMass Amherst. She pursued her bachelor's and master's from IIT Kharagpur in electronics and electrical communication engineering, specializing in visual information and embedded systems. Before coming to UMass, she worked at Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd. as a software engineer in multimedia.

  • Pratheek Mallya

    Pratheek is working on the sample re-weighting problem for MAPC. Pratheek is a master's student in computer science at the UMass Amherst. Pratheek holds a B.E. in electrical and electronics engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology - Mesra. Pratheek's research interests are in reinforcement learning, computer vision, and machine learning.

  • Ravi Kiran Reddy Nagandla

    Ravi is a graduate student in computer science at UMass Amherst, currently working on the data analytics project for Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA). Ravi holds a B.Tech and M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering respectively. Prior to joining UMass, Ravi was a quantitative trader for Futures First.

  • Nicholas Perello

    Nicholas is a master’s student in computer science at UMass Amherst and is on the Springfield Public Schools project. Nicholas has completed summer internships at Salesforce and Intel, and was a senior fellow of Code2040, a community of Black and Latinx technologists. Nicholas holds two Bachelor’s degrees from UMass Amherst in computer science and mathematics.

  • Prashant Ranjan

    Prashant Ranjan is a first-year grad student in computer science. He has deep interest in the field of natural language processing. Before joining UMass, he worked with Fidelity Investments on projects that involved building deep learning models for neural machine translation, abstractive summarization and question answering. When not in front of my computer, he can be found in a comedy theatre pulling off a Kumail Nanjiani or a Dave Chappelle. He is an avid reader.



  • Shikhar Sarma

    Shikhar is a master's student in computer science at the UMass Amherst. Previously, Shikhar worked as a decision scientist for Mu Sigma, the world’s largest pure-play data analytics firm, helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Born and raised in India, Shikhar did his bachelor's in technology in electronics and communication from the National Institute of Technology at Hamirpur, India.

  • Saurabh Sanjay Shirodkar

    Saurabh is a graduate student in computer science at UMass. Before coming to UMass, Saurabh worked as a data scientist at a cool startup called Infinite Uptime. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit startup project called Givetastic.

  • Moussa Siri

    Moussa is doctoral student and research assistant under Dr. Timothy Randhir in environmental conservation at UMass Amherst. His focus is to investigate the effects of climate changes on Niger River Watershed and their correlative impacts on riverside populations, then suggest strategies to minimize these impacts. Moussa earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in law, from Burkina Faso and France, respectively. Moussa also earned his Bachelor of Science in environmental science at the University of New Hampshire. 

  • Roshan Prakash Thaikkat

    Roshan holds a master's degree in operations research and has earned a graduate-level certificate in statistical and computational data science from UMass Amherst. In summer 2018 he worked as a data science Intern at a start-up in San Diego. His primarily interests include general AI, algorithmic trading and data science.

  • Shanu Vashishtha

    Shanu is a master's student in computer science at UMass Amherst. He is primarily interested in computer vision and deep learning. Prior to joining UMass, he was a senior engineer at Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore, in their HBS Airports team. He holds a BTech in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.