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M.S. in Computer Science with a Concentration in Computational Data Science

The computer science master's program is built around a set of three core areas: theory, systems, and artificial intelligence. The concentration in Data Science adds a requirement for visualization, more statistics and focuses your electives to provide you with the skills to transform big data into better decisions.


The Master's concentration in data science teaches you to develop and apply methods to collect, curate, and analyze large-scale data, and to make discoveries and decisions using those analyses.

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Certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science

The Certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science is a joint effort between the Department of Math & Statistics and the College of Information and Computer Sciences. This reflects the reality that data science is based in both statistics and computer science. The concentration consists of five courses divided between statistics and computer science.

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The full-time graduate program admission deadlines are:

  • October 1 for Spring enrollment (Master's Program only)
  • December 15 for Fall enrollment

College of Information and Computer Sciences

The Center for Data Science is based in the top ranking College of Information and Computer Science at UMass Amherst.  The College offers the following computer science programs:

    Doctoral Degrees
    Master's Degrees
    BS in Computer Science


After Graduation

UMass Amherst data science undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs take jobs at top institutions, including faculty positions at:

and industrial research and engineering jobs at: 

and others, as well as leadership positions at startups.