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Chinese Restaurant Processes

DS Tea
Monday, September 21, 2015 - 8:00pm
What: tea, refreshments, informal technical conversations about topics in data science
Where: CS 150, 151
When: 4-5:30pm Monday September 21
Who: You!  Especially PhD & MS students, and faculty interested in data science.
Theme:  Chinese Restaurant Processes, 
clustering into groups, and informal research discussion in groups.
Plan:  After a brief explanation of Dirichlet Processes and Chinese Restaurant Processes, we will together perform a live Chinese Restaurant Process, with you as the data instances!
As many people as would like will give a <1 minute self-introduction and statement of technical interests. As each person finishes, they will choose to join an existing cluster, or start a new cluster themselves.  Then each cluster will informally discuss their topics together.
A great way to meet new people, and find people with similar interests!
In the following weeks we will return to 10 minute research presentations and poster sessions.