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Georges Grinstein - Opportunities for Collaborative Research in Visual Analytics (with me)

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 9:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151

Georges Grinstein
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Title:  Opportunities for Collaborative Research in Visual Analytics (with me)


My personal research interests are broad and all centered around visualization. Thus they involve humans, machines and analytics (your expertise). That is the three-legged stool for visual analytics and my research as well.

In this talk I will describe a few more focused topics that I believe are opportunistic for joint research with the CICS community. In increasing order of complexity:

1.     Visualization in service of analytics (let me see, insight, ultra high dimensional data - millions of variables, infomaps, improve my models, …)
2.     Analytics in service of visualization (what is the best visualization for …, improve this visualization, human situational awareness, explain this model please, ...)
3.     Measuring truth(s) (who’s lying, how, identify why, fix it, …)
4.     Cognitively enhanced visualizations (manipulative visualizations, assistive visualizations, the new CHI - Computer Human Integration, ...)
5.     A theory of visualization (what is the best visualization for, how much information did my interaction provide, …)

In each case, the key research interest will be described with some application examples to decision-making, health sciences, drug pre and post discovery, cyber and security, health sciences and social sciences.

I will dig into two of them in depth to provide you with a sense of their challenges and where they can enrich your own research. I will also briefly describe the collaborative points for the others.

Email Georges ahead of time to say what you’d like for the in-depth sections.