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Moumita Dasgupta (Smith College) - Exploring Data At the Intersection of Healthcare and Transportation

Data Science Tea
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 4:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151

Exploring Data At the Intersection of Healthcare and Transportation


Over 3 million Americans miss or delay medical care because they lack appropriate transportation to their appointments. Missed medical appointments raises both healthcare risks and costs. In my talk, I want to share how we explore the complex landscape of healthcare-transportation in Worcester and Pioneer valley areas of Massachusetts, turn data into knowledge in this context and understand how it impacts different vulnerable pockets of population. I further use design thinking is used as a tool to ideate possible solutions which are capable of addressing many of the specific challenges identified in the course of the project from different stakeholders'(patients, healthcare, transit, insurance) perspectives.  Smart Transit for Healthcare is one such solution I will like to talk about. It is a software interface prototype that was designed to facilitate scheduling of a patient's appointment at a hospital by taking care of their transportation needs at the same time.

Dr.  Moumita Dasgupta is Lecturer at Department of Physics in Smith College. She is the Principal Investigator of Smart Transit for Healthcare project and was a Teaching fellow at Amherst College at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. She received her PhD in experimental Physics from Clark University, Worcester MA. She completed her bachelors from St. Xaviers' College, Mumbai India. Apart from her research in biophysics, she is engaged in a multidisciplinary project that is at the intersection of data science, healthcare, development, public health and community engagement. In this project she looks at transportation as a barrier to access healthcare. Dr. Dasgupta has received several federal grants to conduct research in this domain and develop potential solutions in collaboration with different stakeholders like healthcare providers, transportation agencies, insurance providers, community organizations etc. She has collaborated with folks from agencies Jacksonville Transit Authority, University of Florida Health, Cambridge Systematics, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation nationally and more local ones like Pioneer Valley Transportation Authority, Baystate Healthcare, Health New England, Stavros- advocacy and peer counselling for disabled persons, Greater Springfield Senior Services etc.