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The Center for Data Science welcomes inquiries from industry representatives seeking our assistance and/or interested in supporting our mission.


These are the three most common reasons why companies reach out to us and become partners:


  1. To recruit data science students for internships and full-time positions. Savvy companies know that the market is superheated for talented individuals trained in the latest artificial intelligence and data science methods. Some companies can meet recruiting targets merely by posting their job openings on their public websites or commercial recruiting sites. But most benefit from proactive outreach and marketing -- meeting the students, getting them excited about what the company does, encouraging them to apply, and aggressively following up. Through our Industry Affiliates Program we offer personalized assistance to companies seeking access to our students.

  2. To get help with a data science problem. Increasingly, companies are realizing that they are collecting vast amounts of business data, but haven’t explored ways of processing that data to gain insights into their business. They might not have data scientists on staff, or those staff are overburdened. They might not be familiar with the broad state of the practice or know which problems academia considers “solved” versus areas of active investigation. We can help triage the problem and understand whether and how we might be able to help. Options include but are not limited to our Industry Mentorship Program, our Data Science for the Common Good program, and sponsored research awards and contracts.

  3. To support the work of the Commonwealth’s flagship public research university. Many companies have philanthropic divisions, and seek places to invest resources that will serve the common good. We get involved when companies specifically want to support data science programs and CDS-affiliated faculty.


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