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2021 Data Science for Common Good Fellows


  • Tanmay Agrawal

    I am a master's student studying computer science. I have previously worked for AI startups in Silicon Valley and India as a machine learning engineer. I also spent a semester at the University of California, Berkeley as a visiting undergrad learning about data science, and subsequently worked as an applied research intern at the Data-X Lab at UC Berkeley. I'm interested in high social impact research problems that can be potentially solved using geometric deep learning, computer vision, and causal inference.

  • Chhandak Bagchi

    Chhandak Bagchi is pursuing his master's degree in computer science. His research interests lie in the fields of computer vision and natural language processing. He strongly believes that sizeable societal impact can be achieved using data science, and is passionate about using his skillset to solve such problems at scale. Prior to joining UMass, he worked at Cisco Systems.

  • Anushka Basu

    After getting my undergraduate degree with a major in information technology in 2017, I worked in the IT industry as a software developer for three years. My undergraduate coursework helped me build a strong foundation of the basics of computer science, and my tryst in the IT industry introduced me to experiential learning. My current interests have evolved from these experiences and revolve around the ‘machine first’ approach to problem solving, at the intersection of machine learning, data science and system design. I am also passionate about mental health issues and bridging the STEM diversity gap.

  • Ian Birle

    I am a master's student who grew up in Westwood, MA and I now live in Amherst. I am passionate about using data science to solve real world problems in an ethical way. I am excited to learn more about how people interact with data science systems and how we can make them better with this knowledge. In my free time I enjoy backpacking throughout New England.

  • Gizem Cicekli

    Gizem is a graduate student pursuing an MS in computer science with a concentration in data science. She completed her BS at UMass Amherst in computer science with a double major in mathematics. Even though she has previously taken up software engineering roles, in her latest research about semantic video montage, her interests have majorly shifted towards machine learning and its applications, especially ones that help the common good.

  • Collin Giguere

    I am a master's student studying computer science with a focus in data science. I graduated from UMass in undergrad as well, with degrees in computer science and mathematics & statistics. I love manipulating and investigating data to find relationships and draw conclusions. Solving puzzles is another one of my favorite past times, whether they be logic or tactile or toys such as Rubik's Cubes.

  • Paige Gulley

    Paige Gulley is a first-year master's student. They have a bachelor's degree in linguistics and philosophy from Boston University, and they are currently interested in the social impact and application of natural language processing systems. Their prior work includes user interface design in the public and nonprofit sectors and engineering for machine learning systems at GDMS. If they’re not at work, they’re probably making music, reading, dancing, or dreaming about one of the above.

  • Sowmya Vasuki Jallepalli

    I am a graduate student with CICS. Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City, majoring in computer science. I have worked as an undergraduate researcher, developing systems for autonomous driving using machine learning, deep learning and computer vision.

  • Bob Muhwezi

    I am a third year doctoral student in electrical and computer engineering. I come from Rwanda and joined UMass after working with the planning department of the Rwanda electricity utility. My research is at the intersection between energy access and international development. Specifically, I use remote sensing, machine learning and other types of big data analytics to understand energy and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Virginia Partridge

    Virginia is currently a master’s student in computer science, and has a bachelor’s in linguistics and computer science from Brandeis University. During a seven-year stint as a natural language processing engineer, she worked on dialogue systems and medical record processing. Her research interests are information retrieval and natural language processing, particularly on low resource domains and languages other than English. She is passionate about language access and language learning, and speaks English, German and Russian. Outside of academic pursuits, Virginia enjoys running, reading, and long walks with her dog.

  • Disha Singh

    As a responsible computer scientist, privileged enough to be involved in one of the most powerful fields, I have always desired to work for something meaningful, solving problems that are the need of the hour. DS4CG excites me for these very reasons and more so; I get to learn so much more in a compact team, essentially leading the entire work from start to finish.