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Center internships are a win-win proposition for employers and students. Center industry affiliate members have early access to data science graduate and advanced level undergraduate students in an exclusive Career Mixer event each October. Affiliates may also receive assistance preparing internship project plans and reaching students with the experience and career ambitions consistent with each specific opportunity.


Consider the advantages affiliates gain through Center internships:

  • Build relationships with students early in their academic careers
  • Create a pool of employment candidates with actual company experience
  • Forge mentoring relationships between potential employees and managers
  • Reduce the financial drain of recruiting on company resources
  • Gain goodwill and awareness among UMass students
  • Increase workplace productivity with short-term assistance (10-12 weeks)
  • Free employees to focus their expertise on other pressing tasks
  • Add new perspectives, fresh ideas, specialized strengths, and additional skill sets
  • Engage eager students whose first priority is to learn all that they can.


To get more information about internships, please contact our Industry Relations staff.