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Data Science Research Symposium 2017

Event Agenda

9:00 A.M.        Opening Remarks
                        Andrew McCallum, Bruce Croft, Brant Cheikes

9:10 A.M.        FinTech: Detecting Stressed Borrowers with Probabilistic Models
                        David Jensen – UMass CICS

9:20 A.M.        Industry Spotlight: Scott Cunningham – Farm Credit Financial Partners

9:30 A.M.        Industry Spotlight: Gideon Mann – Bloomberg L.P.

9:40 A.M.        Algorithms: Clustering via Crowdsourcing
                        Barna Saha – UMass CICS

9:50 A.M.        Industry Spotlight: Chris Welty – Google Research

10:00 A.M.      Computer Vision: Visual Recognition and Fine Grained Visual Classification
                        Subhransu Maji – UMass CICS

10:10 A.M.      Industry Spotlight: Jeffrey Byrne – Systems & Technology Research

10:20 A.M.      High-Performance Computing: Cutting-Edge Research on the Gypsum GPU Cluster
                        Erik Learned-Miller – UMass CICS

10:30 A.M.      BREAK

11:00 A.M.      Systems-Cloud: Expect the Unexpected: Exploiting Transient Servers in the Cloud
                        David Irwin – UMass ECE

11:10 A.M.      Systems-Databases: Diagnoses, Explanations, and Insights into Data-Driven Processes
                        Alexandra Meliou – UMass CICS

11:20 A.M.      Industry Spotlight: Brad Palmer – NVIDIA Corporation

11:30 A.M.      Industry Spotlight: Fernanda Campello De Souza – Dell EMC

11:40 A.M.     Machine Learning: Effectively Using Varying Computational Resources for Probabilistic Programming Justin Domke – UMass CICS

11:50 A.M.     Scientific Knowledge Bases: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning with Deep Neural Networks Andrew McCallum – UMass CICS

12:00 P.M.      Session Close – Andrew McCallum, Brant Cheikes

12:00 – 1:00 P.M.    LUNCH

1:00 – 5:00 P.M.     WORKSHOPS 


Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Science - CS 151

Workshop Leaders: Akshay Krishnamurthy & Subhransu Maji

This workshop  explores the latest developments in machine learning theory and algorithms, along with applications of machine learning to text processing and image understanding.

UMass CICS Student Speakers:

  • Nick Monath, Su Lin Blodgett, Sofia Vorotnikova, Aaron Schein, Matheus Gadelha, Zhaoliang Lun

Industry Speakers:

  • Forrester Cole (Google Research), Chris Welty (Google Research), Michael Wick (Oracle Labs), Shankar Vembu (CZI), Jianghao Wang (Mathworks)


Models of Financial Well-Being and Systemic Risk - CS 140

Workshop Leaders: Brant Cheikes, David Jensen, & Mila Getmansky Sherman
This workshop explores the challenges associated with modeling well-being and systemic risks in finance and healthcare applications.

UMass Speakers:

  • Brant Cheikes (CICS), Traci Hess (Isenberg), Mila Getmansky Sherman (Isenberg), David Jensen (CICS), Gerome Miklau (CICS)

Industry Speakers:

  • Scott Cunningham (Farm Credit Financial Partners), Anne Jackson (Optum), Jay Leonard (Barings), Sears Merritt (MassMutual), Praveen Reddy (Prudential Financial), John Steber (Voya)


Workforce Analytics - CS 150

Workshop Leaders: Matthew Rattigan & Andrew McCallum
This workshop will focus on the data, methods, and fundamental research challenges involved in applying advanced data science methods to massive‐scale workforce data.

UMass Speakers:

  • Ina Ganguli (Economics), Andrew McCallum (CICS), Katherine Newman (Provost), Matthew Rattigan (CICS), Henry Renski (LA & RP), Don Tomaskovic-Devey (Sociology)

Industry & Government Speakers:

  • Greg Bunn (MA Department of Labor), Matt Gee (University of Chicago), Abigail Gertner (MITRE), Eric Nakajima (Independent Consultant), Jason Rollins (Clarivate), Bledi Taska (Burning Glass)

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