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Data Science Company Announces Local Research Lab and New Partnership with CDS

Lexalytics, a Boston-based text analytics company with local research offices in Amherst and Hadley, has announced a new research partnership with the Center for Data Science in UMass Amherst’s College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS). Currently a member of the Center’s Industry Affiliate Program, Lexalytics has had an informal partnership with UMass CICS faculty for many years, focusing on methods for making sense of massive amounts of textual data in multiple human languages. During the Spring 2017 academic semester, Lexalytics data scientists are closely mentoring a team of Master’s students on a technical project of interest to the company. As noted in the release, CDS is “thrilled to deepen our partnership with Lexalytics and collaborate with them to overcome their hardest data science challenges.”