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Group to Connect and Exchange on Virtual and Augmented Reality

How do you bring together art, architecture, biology, engineering, computer science, and the humanities? The answer may very well be: through virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR). The VR/AR Working Group, formed by biology professor Duncan Irschick and sponsored by the Center for Data Science, brings together faculty, students, and other interested individuals, from within and beyond campus and across many disciplines, to talk and learn about virtual reality and augmented reality.

Virtual reality is an interactive computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment. Augmented reality layers computer-generated enhancements on top of existing reality. From driver simulation programs to creating a 3-D reconstruction of Pompeii, VR/AR touches many disciplines. The first three meetings of the VR/AR Working group were well attended by faculty, students, and outside guests. Faculty and grad students gave presentations on their VR/AR work, and each meeting had a presentation from a corporate guest, including Dell, Labster, and Lenovo

Visit the website to learn more about the group, including monthly meetings and how to join.