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Gypsum GPU Cluster Upgrade


We are happy to announce an upgrade of the Gypsum GPU compute cluster. 53 new nodes have been added with eight GPU’s per new node, for a total of 424 new GPUs.


The new GPUs are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards. They each have 11GB  of memory and have similar performance to the TitanX cards that are already part of the cluster.


Two new queues have been added to access these new nodes:

    1040ti-short   (limit of 150 GPUs per user at any one time)

    1040ti-long    (limit of 40 GPUs per user at any one time)


The documentation for the the Gypsum GPU cluster and the Swarm CPU cluster have been updated and can be found here:


I want to thank the following people for their contributions to maintaining and upgrading Gypsum:


Dan Parker, for indispensable work as our main system administrator.

Vangelis Kalogerakis, for critical help in deciding which hardware to buy.

Brant Cheikes, Matt Lustig, for the complex coordination among the vendors, the Mass Tech Collaborative, UMass Purchasing, and IT folks. 

John Griffin of OIT, for continuing help in coordinating with the MGHPCC. 


Erik Learned-Miller