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Kuwa Foundation Joins UMass Amherst Center for Data Science as Industry Partner

The Kuwa Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a decentralized identity platform, has joined the Industry Affiliates Program of the Center for Data Science (CDS).  Along with five graduate students from the College of Information and Computer Sciences, the Kuwa Foundation ( has embarked on an effort to develop an open, decentralized, and self-sovereign platform for identifying unique individuals, which would allow for the distribution of universal basic income (UBI).


The project name is The Crypto UBI Project, affectionately called TCUP (“tea-cup”). Put simply, TCUP is a way to accurately identify individuals, for the purpose of distributing a basic income to each person in a village, city, or country, and ensure that no one double-dips, and that the system is not abused by transgressors corrupt governments. Guided by a team of successful entrepreneurs and tech experts, the team will develop a multi-pronged system to identify unique individuals. The system includes open-source algorithms and software that will use public keys, user-generated authentication videos, and social graphs to ensure that each person is signed up only once.


Jim Flynn

“I’m pleased to partner with the Center for Data Science,” said Jim Flynn, president and co-founder of the Kuwa Foundation. “Their dedication to applying data science to real-world problems makes them a perfect fit for the Kuwa Foundation. Through this collaboration, we’ll show the world what some talented, hard-working UMass CICS graduate students can accomplish with the help a few experienced mentors, to make our planet a better place.”