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New Master’s Data Science Courses Expand Educational Opportunities

The UMass Amherst Center for Data Science announced four new courses towards the College of Information and Computer Sciences graduate concentration in data science, expanding the education and training opportunities for students and professionals looking to become data scientists. These include:


    CMPSCI 590D: Algorithms for Data Science

    CMPSCI 590S: Systems for Data Science

    CMPSCI 590V: Data Visualization and Exploration

    CMPSCI 590N: Introduction to Numerical Computing with Python


These courses complement the existing computer science theory and fundamentals classes already offered and address the growing demand for data science graduate programs. According to the Mass Technology Leadership Council, the data science workforce is expected to exceed 120,000 by 2018.


Graduate students work with their advisors to determine whether concentrating their classes along a data science track is best for their career objectives. Others, including working professionals, may choose to pursue the graduate certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science, where the credit requirements are slightly lower.


Algorithms for Data Science rigorously studies the mathematical foundation of big data processing, develops algorithms and teaches how to analyze them. Systems for Data Science teaches the fundamentals behind large-scale systems in the context of data science. Data Visualization and Exploration covers the fundamental algorithmic and design principles of visualizing and exploring complex data. Introduction to Numerical Computing with Python is a 1 credit course which provides an introduction to computer programming for numerical computing based on the computer programming language Python. It is suitable for students with no programming or numerical computing background who are interested in taking courses in machine learning, natural language processing, or data science.


Registration and additional information about the courses, certificate, and concentration is available at