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Five College faculty doing work related to data science

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Wei Fan

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, UMass Amherst
Catalytic materials for conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals, porous materials for separation

Madalina Fiterau Brostean

Assistant Professor, Information and Computer Sciences, UMass Amherst
machine learning, ensembles, multimodal data fusion, hybrid models, healthcare applications

Patrick Flaherty

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, UMass Amherst
bioinformatics, machine learning, mixed membership models, cancer genomics, infectious diseases, variational inference

Andrea Foulkes

Associate Professor, Public Health and Health Sciences, Mount Holyoke College
cluster analysis, recursive partitioning, mixed effects modeling and Markov modeling

Jane Fountain

Distinguished Professor, Political Science and Public Policy, UMass Amherst
institutional analysis, information technology and governance, public policymaking, inter-organizational collaboration

Stephen Frasier

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMass Amherst
remote sensing, radar, radiometer systems, radar meteorology, oceanography