University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Computer Science faculty doing research in Data Science

James Allan

Professor and Chair
information retrieval, event-based information organization, minimally interactive retrieval and organization, critical literacy

Emery Berger

Correctness, reliability, security, and high performance, concurrency and parallelism applications, statistical approaches to correct performance, and data errors

Yuriy Brun

Assistant Professor
software trace analysis, data-based software documentation inference,data-driven automatic software repair, software security, cloud systems

Lori Clarke

Professor Emeritus
verification and requirements engineering for human-intensive systems, techniques for detecting errors and safety and security vulnerabilities in complex processes in domains such as healthcare and digital government

Bruce Croft

Distinguished University Professor
information retrieval, search engines and digital libraries

Justin Domke

Assistant Professor
machine learning, probabilistic graphic models, convex optimization, structured learning

Deepak Ganesan

Associate Professor
platforms and algorithms for mobile and wearable health sensing, learning and inference on multi-modal sensor data, micro-powered sensors

Georges Grinstein

Research Professor A
perceptual and cognitive foundations of visualization, visualization and presentation of complex information, very high-dimensional data visualization, visual analytics, applications of visualization

David Jensen

causal modeling, fraud detection, social network analysis, computational social science, directed graphical models, statistical relational learning

Evangelos Kalogerakis

Assistant Professor
visual content creation, 3D modeling, shape analysis and synthesis, surface reconstruction from 3D data, animation, machine learning for computer graphics, artistic rendering

Akshay Krishnamurthy

Assistant Professor
machine learning, interactive learning, reinforcement learning, learning theory

Erik Learned-Miller

Associate Professor
computer vision, machine learning, probabilistic and statistical methods in vision and image processing, non-parametric statistics, information theoretic methods, unsupervisedlearning

Brian Levine

networking and security, including digital forensics, mobile networking, privacy, and digital forensics

Sridhar Mahadevan

machine learning, reinforcement learning, representation discovery, variational inequalities, optimization

Subhransu Maji

Assistant Professor
computer vision, recognition, grouping, segmentation, human computation and statistical learning

R. Manmatha

Research Associate Professor
Multimedia indexing and retrieval, image and video retrieval, document image analysis, digital libraries, computer vision, information retrieval.

Benjamin Marlin

Assistant Professor
machine learning, graphical models, approximate inference and learning

Andrew McCallum

machine learning, information extraction, information integration, natural language processing, distributed representations, social network analysis, scalable parallel-distributed machine learning, scientometrics, open peer review

Andrew McGregor

Associate Professor
theoretical computer science

Alexandra Meliou

Assistant Professor
data and information management, provenance, causality, and reverse data management, intersection of database systems and business intelligence applications, optimization problems over large data

Gerome Miklau

Associate Professor
Data mining, modeling, and analysis in the presence of privacy constraints; data protection through access control and auditing; market-based approaches to data sharing and resource allocation in the cloud; data provenance

Eliot Moss

machine learning, programming language implementation and computer architecture, particularly memory management; analyze and extract information from program traces; application of chaos theory

Brendan O'Connor

Assistant Professor
natural language processing, computational social science

Barna Saha

Assistant Professor
algorithm design and analysis, large scale data analytics, randomization in computation

Daniel Sheldon

Assistant Professor
machine learning and applied algorithms motivated by large-scale environmental data, dynamic ecological processes, and real-world network phenomena

Prashant Shenoy

operating systems and distributed systems, big data platforms with low-latency analytics, applications to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Hava Siegelmann

clustering algorithms, brain-inspired memory modeling and applications, neuroinformatics, finding principles of brain from big data

Ramesh Sitaraman

Associate Professor
Internet-scale distributed systems, including algorithms, architectures, performance, energy efficiency, and economics

Donald Towsley

Distinguished University Professor
networks, performance analysis

Arun Venkataramani

Associate Professor
networked systems, content distribution, datacenter systems, network measurement

Rui Wang

Associate Professor
computer graphics, photorealistic rendering, data-driven image synthesis, 3D modeling, GPU computing

Beverly Woolf

Research Professor
intelligent tutoring systems, multimedia systems

Shlomo Zilberstein

artificial intelligence, decision theory, resource-bounded reasoning, anytime algorithms, combinatorial optimization