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Affiliated Centers and Institutes

As a methodological hub for computational systems, theory, machine learning, and human-computer interaction, the Center engages in active outreach in a broad range of application areas including peer centers and institutes. The Center is a focal point for innovation and coordination of data science computational thinking to support research progress in many domain-specific application areas. These areas include business, social sciences, life sciences, and government. Synergies create strong links between the Center and UMass-based peer organizations include the following:


        Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BCEI)


        Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR)


        Center for Research on Families (CRF)


        Computational Social Science Institute (CSSI)


        Cybersecurity Institute


        Initiative for Cognitive Science (ICS)


        Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS)


        Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)


        National Center for Digital Government (NCDG)