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Funding Match for MS Student Hiring

The Center for Data Science (CDS) offers a limited number of matching awards to encourage the hiring of computer science graduate students for on-campus programming jobs. CDS will fund 50% of the hourly labor cost if you hire a CICS (College of Information and Computer Sciences) Master's student for a programming job related to data science. ("Programming job" is defined by the Graduate School as "coding, testing, debugging, and/or modifying computer programs.")


Program Details

  • Get assistance in collecting, cleaning, and/or analyzing your research data
  • CDS will fund half of the hourly labor cost
  • Projects are subject to review and approval by CDS staff
  • Contact Pam Mandler ( for more information.


For programming jobs not related to data science, CICS grad students can still be a great fit for your needs. Contact Pam Mandler ( for more information.