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Ganesan and Marlin to co-lead new NIH Big Data-to-Knowledge Center of Excellence

UMass Amherst Launches new Center for Data Science

Alexandra Meliou receives NSF CAREER Award

How Fake Data Could Protect Real People’s Privacy

Opening for Assistant Professor of Data Science/Computational Social Science

Big Data means big opportunity for Western Massachusetts

UMass Center for Data Science draws representatives from Amazon, Google and more to campus

COMPSCI 589: Machine Learning - Now Offered in Boston

UMass Amherst scientists link brain architecture to consciousness and abstract thought

Yahoo Releases the Largest-ever Machine Learning Dataset for Researchers

Access to Millions of U.S. Patents Records Will Dramatically Improve Due to Work of UMass Amherst Computer Scientists

UMass Data Science Leaders Shaping Northeast Big Data Hub

UMass hackathon seeks to unravel mysteries of PVTA bus performance

UMass Amherst Helps to Unveil Experimental Energy Efficient Data Center in Holyoke

Research Symposium Connects Private and Public Sectors with Faculty and Students

2016 Five College DataFest was a Great Success

New Master’s Data Science Courses Expand Educational Opportunities

Data Science: Impacting Infrastructure Investment Decisions

Hanna Wallach, Adjunct Associate Professor, UMass Amherst & Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research NYC

Grads Go-To Skill Set: Data Science

Andrew McGregor at 2016 International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

Andrew McCallum keynote speaker at 2016 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

New MassMutual Foundation and UMass Amherst to Enrich World-Class Data Science and Cybersecurity Programs

Deep Learning Helps to Map Mars and Analyze its Surface Chemistry

MassMutual Foundation donates $15M to boost computer science at UMass Amherst and Springfield

Improving Prediction of Dengue Fever Epidemics

Data Science: Impacting Energy Decisions

The Innovation Institute at MassTech will provide $5M over five years to fund a Data Science/Cybersecurity Collaborative Research and Education project led by the Center for Data Science and the Cybersecurity Institute

Deciphering the mutations behind drug resistance

Introducing Diversity in Online Language Analysis


Scott Linderman of Harvard University

Ari Kobren of UMass CS

Jean-Baptiste Tristan from Oracle Labs

Karthik Raman from Cornell University

Bishan Yang from Cornell University

Marek Petrik from IBM Research

Francesca Rossi from University of Padova and Harvard University

Kai-Wei Chang from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Jennifer Listgarten from Microsoft Research

Rob Platt from Northeastern University

Hack UMass

Jason Weston - Memory Networks

Full Contact Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts

Computational Aspects of Complex Pattern Formation

Graph Construction for Manifold Discovery

Disciplinary Thinking, Computational Doing

Steve Willis

Chinese Restaurant Processes

Deep Learning Poster Session

Mass Big Data Western Mass Tech Treks

Data Science Career Mixer

CICS Career Fair

Xialoan Wang

Karthik Narasimhan

Laura Haas

Zhaoliang Lun

Zornitsa Kozareva

Jason Yosinski

David Duvenaud

Statistical Modeling in Global Health

Scott Linderman

Jean-Baptiste Tristan

Microsoft AzureTM Cloud Computing Workshop

CDS Distinguished Lecturer Samuel Madden

DataCamp: Teaching Data Science at Scale

Variable Selection is Hard

Implicit methods for principled estimation with large data sets

Data Science at MassMutual

3 D's of Anomaly Mining in Complex Graphs: Definition, Detection, and Description

DS Research Symposium

Protecting Computer Systems by Eliminating Vulnerabilities

Amazon Echo and Alexa

Inference and Learning with Deep Structured Distributions

Five College DataFest - informational meeting

Learning in Strategic Environments: Theory and Data

Scalable Gaussian Processes for Scientific Discovery

Poster Session

Customized Stroke Rehabilitation & Software Development Tool-building

Eye Tracking: Methods & Applications

Rachel Cummings, Adaptive Learning With Robust Generalization Guarantees

Manzil Zaheer

Brad Hayes

Christina Lee

Matthew Gombolay

Matthew Taylor

Five College DataFest

Innovation Challenge Finale

Data Science Projects at MassMutual

UMass Linguistics

Professor Xiangnan Kong

Grad Student talks

Beating The News: Predicting Significant Societal Events From Open Source Data

Texts Come from People - How Demographic Factors Influence NLP Models

2017 Data Science Research Symposium

GWIS & GRiD Presents: Free R/Python Workshops

GWIS & GRiD: R/Python - Data Extraction/Pre-processing

GWIS & GRiD: R/Python - Models & Inference

GWIS & GRiD: R/Python - Viz & Optimization

Antoine Bordes

Thien Nyugen - Neural Information Extraction with Memory

Yoshua Bengio

Tommi Jaakkola

Data Science Concentration Information Session

George Grinstein

Sheila Werth, Kevin Winner and Garrett Bernstein

Deep Learning Whiteboard Talks

Frank Linton

Demographic Dialectal Variation in Social Media and Structured Prediction Models for RNN based Sequence Labeling in Clinical Text

Charalampos Mavroforakis

Whiteboard Talks

Miriam Madsen

CS585 NLP Poster Session

Career Mixer 2016

Career Mixer Practice

Chao Chen - Topological Analysis of Modern Data

Entrepreneur-in-Residence office hours

Steve Willis Office hours

Chris Kedzie, Real-Time Web Scale Event Summarization Using Sequential Decision Making

Tianan Xue

Andreas ten Pas

Jayant Krishnamurthy

Siva Reddy - Freebase Semantic Parsing With And Without QA Pairs

Hugo Larochelle - Fighting our Big Data Addiction with Representation Learning

Jiajun Wu - Computational Perception of Physical Object Properties

Jamie Morgenstern

Byron Boots

Even Shelhamer

Samantha Kleinberg

Pegram Rooshenas - Learning Tractable Graphical Models

Steve Willis - Entrepreneurial advice

Mohit Iyyer, University of Maryland