Collaboration with impact

Data Core is a team of data scientists and software engineers that partners with researchers, industry, government, and nonprofits to drive innovative solutions to data science and related software engineering problems.


Data Core provides cutting edge data science, state of the art computing resources, and access to world class faculty researchers to solve data driven challenges for the private and public sectors.

Our engagements impact data projects at every stage of development. From scoping and analysis, to deep learning and generative AI, we work on short focused projects as well as long term partnerships that have sustained impact on your goals.

Potential partners are highly encouraged to reach out to explore ideas and opportunities at any stage of development.


Data Core partners with faculty and researchers across disciplines on data-driven projects to advance your research agenda.

We scale to meet your needs, from project scoping, to data exploration, to modeling, to software embedded data science applications.

We will work with you to bring cutting edge data science models and techniques to push your research forward.

Seed funding is available. Please reach out to schedule an initial consultation.

Areas of expertise