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Five College faculty doing work related to data science

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Deepak Ganesan

Associate Professor, Information and Computer Sciences, UMass Amherst
platforms and algorithms for mobile and wearable health sensing, learning and inference on multi-modal sensor data, micro-powered sensors

Ina Ganguli

Assistant Professor, Economics, UMass Amherst
labor economics, international development, economics of science and innovation

Song Gao

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMass Amherst
traveler dynamic decision-making, discrete choice modeling, transportation systems optimization, optimal routing algorithm in stochastic dynamic networks

Lixin Gao

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Umass Amherst
networking, distributed systems, algorithms, computational biology

Randi Garcia

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Smith College

Ahmed Ghoniem

Assistant Professor, Operations & Information Management, Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst
retail analytics, optimization, decision-making, aviation, transportation, logistics, supply chain management, networks, network restoration, infrastructure planning, DEA

Lila Gierasch

Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UMass Amherst

Krista Gile

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, UMass Amherst
statistical methodology for social and behavioral science research, inference from partially-observed social network structures

Phillipa Gill

Assistant Professor, Information and Computer Sciences, UMass Amherst
computer networking, network measurement, security

Dennis Goeckel

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMass Amherst
secure data transmission; network theory

Seth K. Goldman

Honors Assistant Professor, Communication, UMass Amherst
the effects of mass media and political communication on stereotyping and prejudice, especially public opinion about race and sexual orientation

Weibo Gong

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMass Amherst
complex graph representations, algorithmic mechanisms for concept abstraction and analogical reminding, fast Image retrieval

Eric Gonzales

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMass Amherst
large-scale transportation systems, pricing and transportation economics, sustainability and environmental impacts of transportation, network modeling, traffic flow theory, public transportation systems

Chaitra Gopalappa

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, UMass Amherst
Simulation modeling, epidemiology modeling, disease prevention and control, public health

Przemyslaw Grabowicz

Research Assistant Professor, College of Information and Computer Sciences, UMass Amherst
computational social science, social computing systems, machine learning, causality, network science

Justin Gross

Assistant Professor, Political Science, UMass Amherst
research design, applied and mathematical statistics, social network analysis, survey sampling, and latent structure analysis

Rob Gutermuth

Research Assistant Professor, Astronomy, UMass Amherst
physics of star formation; large scale astronomical imaging surveys; point source catalog construction, merging and mining; resolved emission map characterization and segmentation; hierarchical structure characterization;