Environmental & Sustainability
Roost UI

Modeling Bird Roosts and Migration Patterns

In partnership with Environment Canada through our Data Core program, we created a computer vision model to track bird migrations across Canada. Data from recent years show a decrease in bird populations across North America, prompting interest in studying their migration patterns and habitats.

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Whale jumping

Save the Whales

When whales are encountered near the surface of the ocean, it’s useful to be able to quickly assess their health for conservation and evaluation purposes. As part of our Data Science for the Common Good program, Master’s students Chhandak Bagchi and Gizem Cicekli developed a tool for identifying a whale from an aerial image. 

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Supporting Electric Vehicle Planning in African Cities

In partnership with the World Resources Institute, a global research organization that works on issues such as energy efficiency and climate change, we examined vehicle usage in developing countries. There is often a lack of critical data for developing countries on vehicle purchases and usage patterns, which is a significant gap in sustainability research.

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